Looking forward to LIKE Ideas 2012!!

Looking forward to LIKE Ideas 2012!!

Locked in for LIKE Ideas 2012: The Business of Social Media


Thing 1 and Thing 2…

“These Things will not bite you. They want to have fun.” Then, out of the box Came Thing Two and Thing One…

                             Dr Seuss. (1957) The Cat in the Hat

Thing 1: Blogs and blogging and Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

A true master of procrastination I’ve spent an age choosing a blog platform, agonising over the finer points of my colour scheme, jumping ahead and reading Thing 3, going back to square one, and focus-grouping a revised shortlist of blog titles with my work colleagues to decide if they reflect my real-world persona. I feel like I’ve learnt so much already before I’ve even got started with the real work.

I’m a Biochemist turned Legal Information Specialist with a somewhat unusual sequence of travel and work in between. I’ve no formal Library or Information Studies qualification and I work in a corporate environment which skews my professional focus. For me the cpd23 programme is a great opportunity to develop a better understanding of the wider LIS community. I’m also appreciative of any opportunity to develop my professional skills. While some of the 23 things are tools I’m familiar with, many are not so I hope to learn (and share) some new ideas along the way.

Thanks Katie Birkwood for the link in your Thing 1 post to  ‘Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about library blogs and blogging!’ Not only was it everything I needed to know to get this blog started, but it was also engaging and easy to follow. So much so that I spent the best part of an evening reading around the rest of thewikiman’s site.

thewikiman’s list of essential blog subscribes for New Professionals at the bottom of the post proved a great starting point for Thing 2. Widely respected blogs covering all aspects of LIS will undoubtedly broaden my professional horizons.

Like many others without the tags I wouldn’t have known where to begin browsing the  the voluminous cpd23 participants list. Pragmatic as always, I decided to focus on bloggers with a legal or corporate background in the hope of sharing ideas and experiences more relevant to my work. However my curiosity has on occasion got the best of me. Some of the blogs in my blogroll (like Bilbliosaurus Rex) caught my attention with unusual titles that demanded further investigation.


A self-confessed “web voyeur” I use 2.0 technologies every day to gather information and keep up with the goings-on of others yet I have hesitated to put myself out there online, particularly in a professional capacity.

Out of office hours I remain fairly analogue in my social interactions. I call rather than text. I facebook, but only people who I’d see or speak to regularly anyway. I need feedback. I like to ask questions. I feel like things get done more efficiently in person. I’m uneasy over the potential for a one-sided interaction and the thought of being “read” by complete strangers.

It’s easy to question the value of my voice among so many great Library and Information blogs. It’s obvious that I will learn so much from others with more experience in LIS or 2.0 (and already have) but I’m not sure yet what I might be able to offer in return.

Perhaps worst of all, it’s been said that my sense of humour is a little offbeat (my jokes seem to make people furrow their brow and ask “what?” rather than laugh). If people don’t “get me” in person then what chance do I have in the virtual world!

When I first investigated the process of CILIP certification and began to appreciate the level of reflective practice required I decided a blog was the ideal forum for documenting my professional development. That was almost two years ago and notes still pile up in a folder after each training course, my ideas shared only within my team or with those I meet during training, events or the course of my work.

So thank you cpd23 for the push I needed to forget the excuses, hit enter and join the blogosphere. There’s no turning back now…